We help small companies solidify market position & grow into much larger companies


The first step is a road map.

Where are we now? Where do we need to be next year? In 5, 7, 10 years? Together we will create the strategic IR plan that will best deliver your message to Wall Street, create visibility, build trust and win over stakeholders.

What We Do
  • Top-to-Bottom Company Review
  • Peer Group Positioning
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Industry Research
  • Assess Communications Platform
  • Stakeholder Evaluation
  • Determine Any Capital Needs

You control the narrative.

Nothing is more essential than having stakeholders aligned with management’s vision. So what’s that story? Who needs to hear it? And when? From investor fact sheets to press releases, slide presentations to earnings call scripts, we help you establish a corporate narrative that demonstrates depth of management and creates credibility, goodwill and will have the investment community knocking on your door.

What We Do
  • Strategy and Messaging
  • Quarterly Communications
  • Perception Analysis
  • Website Content
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Crisis Communication

Is your shareholder base all it could be?

Our credibility with Wall Street is your competitive asset. Our ability to improve, and at times transform, a shareholder base is a cornerstone of our practice. While our targeting blends the best shareholder intelligence tools with our own proprietary database of small-cap investors, investors and analysts take our calls because they know IMS to be a trusted source of new ideas, ongoing education concerning client development and a conduit for efficient access to management.

What We Do
  • Shareholder/Analyst Cultivation
  • Non-Deal Road Shows
  • Investor Days/Open Houses
  • Virtual Company Presentations
  • Conference Targeting/Activation

How about more capital?

To say that we successfully steer our clients through the choppy waters of capital formation is an understatment. To date, IMS clients have accessed over $3 billion, and that number is steadlily climbing. Not only have we shown that our strategic IR programs attract supportive investors, but they also dramatically minimize your cost of capital.

What We Do
  • Capital Needs Assessment
  • Capital Formation
  • Deal Evaluation
  • IPO/APO Communication Strategy
  • Investment Bank Selection

Special situations, that’s us too.

With over 50 years of combined experience at the leadership level, we have most likely seen it before. As a trusted partner with an intimate understanding of our clients, IMS mobilizes with customized investor relations strategies around events that are important, and at times defining, to the long-term value of a public company. We anticipate investor perceptions, curate the messaging across a variety of constituents and deliver the audience.

What We Do
  • Activism Defense
  • Proxy Vote Strategy
  • M&A Communications
  • Executive Transitions
  • Short Seller Strategy
  • Uplisting

How Can We Help You?

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