You've Created a Stellar Investor Presentation: What Next?

Developing a presentation that provides a compelling investment thesis is an integral part of best-practice investor relations. The presentation is of course essential for conferences and investor meetings, but companies often underutilize it outside of investor interactions. Here are some ideas on how to fully realize the marketing value of the investor presentation:

Issue press release announcing the publication of the new presentation

A corporate presentation is one tool to align investors with how you are thinking about the business and growth strategy. Issue a release, and abstain from a quote or other language suggesting it is more than what it is. The release is a simple announcement to investors to ensure that they are aware of the presentation’s availability. This will expand the breadth of investors who review the presentation and broaden the base of investors who own the stock for reasons aligned with management.

Make Readily Accessible on Corporate Website

The presentation is a key information piece for investors. For example, sell side analysts will sometimes feature trend graphs, financial data, and other information in their research reports that is pulled directly from the company presentation. Some companies are concerned about posting the corporate presentation on their site for competitive reasons, but slides which are competitively sensitive can be removed for the website version.

Send to Investors Met with in the Past

When a corporate presentation is substantively changed or updated, it makes sense to occasionally distribute it to the investor and analyst base of a company. If certain slides may be helpful to current stakeholders, point out new or changed slides in the cover email.

John Nesbett President, IMS