Mergers and Acquisitions



Telecommunications and cable provider based in the Mid-Atlantic region acquired a publicly traded wireless provider in contiguous geography, creating the sixth largest wireless provider in the U.S.  The complex transaction required clear communication to investors, customers and employees with the goal of improving Wall Street sponsorship and value in conjunction with the increased scale.  IMS coordinated outreach and communication to Wall Street constituents.



IMS oversaw communications strategy with management of both companies, the investment bankers and the consumer public relations firm.  Supported with creation of “one-stop” micro investor web portal for acquisition information, deal press release, slide deck and presentation for investor call and public and internal Q&A documents.  Coordinated all “day of” communications with key shareholders and analysts.  Subsequent to acquisition, coordinated non-deal road shows in key financial markets.    



The stock increased 16.25% the day of the announcement and 31.8% the three months following the announcement and the acquisition was endorsed by all the covering analysts.