Activism Advisory

The best defense against activism is to build an aligned shareholder base, conduct periodic vulnerability assessments and gather intelligence on a regular basis to ensure understanding of shareholder concerns.

If misalignment or a proxy battle emerges, IMS has the expertise, strategic approach and results-based execution to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Mergers and Acquisitions

From tuck-ins to transformative mergers, IMS creates custom strategies to ensure current and new stakeholders are educated and enthusiastic about the deal. Whether preparing for the “day of” announcement or securing subsequent shareholder approval, IMS anticipates investor perceptions, curates messaging across a variety of constituencies and delivers the audience.

Access to Capital

Our contacts and strategies lower the cost of capital. IMS clients have accessed over $2 billion and climbing.  We frequently deliver capital directly from supportive investors brought in by a client’s ongoing and effective investor relations activity.


Regardless of company size, the guiding principals of extraordinary investor relations are universal. IMS helps elevate communications and outreach activity to expand a shareholder base and can coordinate all steps as a company transitions to Nasdaq or NYSE.