Why Should Big Companies Have All The Fun?

IMS is a highly focused IR firm that works with — and only with — small to mid-cap companies to realize their full market potential. We have earned our reputation by successfully representing a wide variety of businesses — from industrial to technology, from biotech to financial services — all over the world.

Our committment to small/mid-cap companies comes from our belief that this is where IR is most critical and where we can make the biggest difference. We get to know each client on a level that would not be possible with a big corporation and can therefore provide meaningful value across all levels of the company.

We’re Different Because  You’re Different

Make Wall Street Sit Up & Take Notice

We work with our clients to achieve four key strengths:

Aligned Stakeholders

The trick here is building a base of stakeholders who are truly aligned with management, who ask the right questions, view short term challenges as opportunities, and hold for the long term. And when they do sell (yup, they all do at some point) they continue to tell the world how great you are.

A Well-Articulated Brand

Investors are, of course, tenacious sticklers for strong income statements and balance sheets, but they are also living breathing human beings who crave a powerful narrative. The stronger and more compelling that narrative, the higher your company’s value will be on Wall Street.


Credibility’s bedrock is thoughtful expectation management with consistent, and at times radical, transparency. We bulletproof your credibility by anticipating the issues and asking the hard questions before investors do.

A Big Spotlight

An IMS introduction will get you noticed. Because of our long experience and our successful record, we are trusted on Wall Street.


Special Situations

Proxy fights, leadership changes, legal issues. These things happen and always at unexpected times. Because we know our clients so well and have been doing this for so long, we are adept at helping you manage special situations and minimize disruption to your company.

What Success Looks Like

Our metrics speak for themselves, but we are even more proud that our client base is 100% referenceable. Whether handling all of your IR needs or complementing your internal IR team, IMS will work with you to meet your goals.

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